Vice President's Residence Out of the Blur

WASHINGTON -- We can see clearly now, the blur is gone...

The veil of secrecy has been lifted from the official residence of the vice president on Google Maps and Google Earth, Owen Thomas noted on Valleywag.

The satellite's-eye view was obscured when former VP Dick Cheney resided at One Observatory Circle, though the White House could be seen clearly. But the image of the Veep's home is unaltered now.

Obama-Biden supporters -- or at least Bush-Cheney haters -- are already reading metaphors into the change.

The images are displayed unaltered from the source, Google said when asked about the blur years ago, meaning Google wasn't the one blurring the image.

The real-clear change took place Jan. 18, as Cheney was on his way out and Vice President Joe Biden was on his way in.

Google introduced the high-res satellite imagery to Google Maps and Google Earth about four years ago.

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