Veterans Day Celebration Hits Home at Sangster Elementary

Many students have family members on active duty

Veterans Day hit home for a lot of families at Sangster Elementary School in Springfield on Tuesday -- and the school had its largest celebration yet.

This year more students were outside for the actual ceremony, which was fed inside the school for all the students to watch live.

In previous years the ceremony was videotaped and shown to students who couldn't participate outside.

About 20 percent of the families at Sangster are military. And the school has an active group that supports military families.

Brenda Stuart, president of the Military Spouses Group, says the organization offers support to military families coming into the D.C. area.

The school principal, Lisa Reddell, is thankful for the group's effort both at the school and for organizing the Veterans Day activities for the past three years. Active military personnel from all five branches of the armed services attended today's ceremony.

Students heard the poem "I am the Flag" by Ruth Apperson Rous.

The school's chorus also performed.


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