Thieves Crash Stolen Car Into Maryland Jewelry Store; Steal Several Watches

Montgomery County police are searching for the thieves who crashed a stolen car into a Bethesda jewelry store Tuesday morning and stole several watches.

Officers were called to The Jewelry Exchange on Old Georgetown Road after an alarm went off inside the store at 2:22 a.m. 

The suspects backed a stolen black Mercedes into the store, smashed a display case and took 15 to 20 watches. Laurene Head, the store's assistant manager, said the watches were worth $400 to $500 a piece. 

Investigators said the suspects were in the store for less than 30 seconds. 

"When I walked in there was a black Mercedes that was facing this way, which means they backed into the store," Head said. 

Head said the store suffered significant damage, but she's grateful no customers or employees were in the store at the time.   

"It's disgusting," Head said. "First and foremost, they stole someone's automobile. Then to come here and create this much damage for a few watches. Was it worth it?"

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