Vegetarian License Plate Push in Virginia

Just don't put it on your SUV

So you're driving your Prius from yoga practice to the Clarendon Whole Foods and are about to pick up some delicious soy burgers for your sustainable barbecue when you spot a lovely young woman in your rear-view mirror.

She's cruising along on a Vespa, her organic cotton dress blowing in the warm summer breeze. You think: If only there was a more overt way to let her know that you're a kindred spirit.

Soon, your wish may come true.

Several groups are pushing to establish a new "vegetarian" license plate in Virginia. To accomplish this, organizers need to find 350 people willing to prepay the $10 specialty tag fee. So far, they’ve found 15, according to Leslie Sanford of

A prototype of the plate shows various Microsoft Paint-esque illustrations of vegetables, and the word "vegetarian" in green capital letters.

If you live in Virginia and you're interested in owning one (and you can wait until April 2011, when the new plates could first enter circulation) e-mail

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