VDOT Presents Plan to Add More Beltway Toll Lanes Near Memorial Bridge

Virginia's plan to extend the 495 Express Lanes to the American Legion Memorial Bridge is getting mixed reactions from Northern Virginia residents and commuters.

The Virginia Department of Transportation held a community meeting Monday night to discuss the plans that include about 3 miles of two Express Lanes in each direction and paths for cyclists and pedestrians.

"I have a positive outlook on that. I think it will help keep traffic moving," driver Micky Chopra said.

Chopra said she's tired of the seemingly endless traffic in the area.

"It makes me feel like I’m going no where."

Other residents are concerned the plan will infringe on their property.

"If you are intending to make it wider, that puts itself into places where people have homes," said Marty Irving, who lives near the Memorial Bridge.

"We do not anticipate having any total residential relocations or commercial relocations," VDOT spokesperson Susan Shaw said.

But Shaw said VDOT would "need to take some right of way along the corridor."

VDOT will hold a public hearing in the fall.

Construction could start in late 2020 and finish by 2023.

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