Va. Town Repeals Ban on Fortunetelling, Magic Arts

The small Northern Virginia town of Front Royal voted Monday night to strike down a law banning magic arts and fortunetelling.

For decades, Front Royal has had a code listed among its ordinances that bans fortunetelling and the practice of magic arts. Understandably, the ban's legality and use of offensive terms like "gypsies" has come under fire.

More than 50 supporters and opponents showed up at a hearing earlier this month to voice their concerns, after a local tarot card reader was allegedly asked to stop practicing her craft because it violates city code.

Monday night, the town council voted 4-2 to repeal the ban.

Many Front Royal residents had wanted the ban to stay in place "out of fear" of harboring "Satanism," the Northern Virginia Daily reported.

Some residents, like Mary Stanford, thought striking down the law would bring chaos and crime to the small town. Stanford said she chose to live in Front Royal to keep her kids from these so-called temptations.

"These kinds of businesses do tend to attract, in part, a criminal element," Stanford said. "I don't like the idea of my kids walking down Main Street and having possibly criminal people lurking around."

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