Va. Senate Bill Lets Doctors Issue Disabled Parking Placards

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A Virginia lawmaker is leading a new effort to give some Virginia doctors a power that's currently held by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

State Sen. Tom Garrett (R-District 22, Lynchburg) introduced a bill (read here)  that would allow physicians to give patients short-term disabled parking placards, provided their ability to walk is limited or impaired. 

Currently, the placards have to be obtained at a DMV office.

"I just think the system could be more user-friendly," Garrett told the Washington Examiner.  "I've heard more than one story from people detailing how they had just broken their leg and the process of getting the handicapped placard was -- no pun intended -- very painful."

Garrett's bill would allow doctors to issue a parking card for a period of no longer than 90 days.

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