VA Posts Appointed Position on Craigslist

WASHINGTON -- The Department of Veteran Affairs is hiring a health official, and they've taken their search to the recently cleaned up classifieds site Craigslist.

Vogue Republic spotted the listing for under secretary of health of the Veterans Health Administration, an appointed position the Senate must sign off on, on Craigslist.

It's also listed on Facebook, where a post last month announced the retirement of former Under Secretary for Health Dr. Michael J. Kussman.

"The USH serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the VHA, as a Presidential appointee, subject to Senate confirmation," the ad reads.

The Social-Networking Administration strikes again.

So if you "possess outstanding clinical, managerial, and leadership skills, and the stature and vision to manage a national healthcare system" and can "demonstrate ability in the medical profession; healthcare administration, and policy formulation; or healthcare fiscal management" and have substantial related experience, visit Craigslist to learn how to apply, get rid of your old couch and hire a masseuse.

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