Virginia Man Saves Family From Burning Home

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A Virginia father was called a hero after he ran into a burning home in Stafford County and rescued the family inside.

Steve Hendershot had just dropped his two boys off at a family's house when he saw the smoke. 

"I stopped right in front of the house - jump out. I hear yelling on the inside, can't access the door. It's locked so I made the determination that I had to kick it in," Hendershot said. 

He said once he made it through the black smoke, he found six people inside, four children and two older relatives. The man he found in the kitchen was attempting to put out the fire with a pitcher of water. 

Hendershot said he had to make three trips in and out of the house to rescue everyone inside. Luckily, he is a retired Marine and was able to carry the older woman out of the home. 

"The older lady can't walk very well. She just suffered a stroke so I had to pick her up and carry her out. Once I got her to the street, I then had to come back in for a final time to get the older man out."

After the rescue, Hendershot was treated for smoke inhalation. He has since recovered. The fire chief said the people in the home are alive today because of his bravery. 

He's recovered and the fire chief says the people in that home are alive today because of his bravery.

"We're all capable of something, all capable of showing up in a time of need," Hendershot said.

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