Va. Lifts Lane Restrictions Over Holidays

Holiday travel might get a little easier (although we're guessing probably not)

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Good news: Sitting in your car going at a snail's pace just got a teensy bit easier. The Virginia Department of Transportation will suspend most lane restrictions on all major highways and roads during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Take that, stupid HOV-3!

Lanes temporarily closed because of construction or maintenance work will open beginning at noon Wednesday and continue through Sunday and then again from noon on Dec. 31 through Jan. 3.

Construction zones with concrete barriers and orange barrels will remain in place. Highways officials reminded motorists to use caution as work to clear roads following last weekend's record snowstorm continues.

They advised drivers to watch for slippery spots as melted snow from piles alongside roads can quickly refreeze once temperatures drop below freezing.

Now as long as you travel only within the state of Virginia, you should be golden.

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