Va. Boy Reels in World Record Grouper

International Game Fish Association Confirms Record

A 10-year-old boy from Northern Virginia is now a world record holder, thanks to a big catch he reeled in while vacationing with his family.

Last November, Matthew Poldy and his family, from Herndon, were in Key West. While on a fishing trip, the junior fisherman got a bite – one that took several minutes to reel in.

When he and his father finally brought it aboard, they realized what it is: a three-foot long, 23-pound, eight-ounce grouper.

Knowing it could be a record, Poldy and his family contacted the International Game Fish Association. After two months, the IGFA finally verified the record: Poldy’s catch beat the old junior record by six pounds.

Poldy is a fifth-grader at Crossfield Elementary School. He says he has aspirations of making a career out of his fishing hobby.

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