Va. Bakery Manager Fired After Sexual Assault Arrest

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The manager of a bakery that employs disabled adults was fired from his position after he was accused of sexually assaulting two employees. Family members of one of the other employees are upset that they weren’t notified sooner about the incident.

Alberto Figueiredo Sangiorgio was applauded for his business Wildflour Bakery where he hired intellectually disabled adults. However, that quickly changed when he was arrested on Jan. 30 for sexually assaulting one of his female employees. 

The sister of another worker at the bakery was outraged by the fact that they were only notified of the incident through news reports, not directly from the managers of the bakery. 

“We were so concerned about her safety we went to immediately pick her up and she hasn’t been back to Wildflour since,” Sabrina Castellanos said.

Castellanos is also disappointed in the way that the bakery responded to the alleged assault. 

Castellanos said the managing director of the bakery, Jim Rogan, denied the accusers allegations. “They stood by their belief that this never would have happened there. They implied the victims were untruthful and that alone was very concerning.”

Rogan declined to comment.


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Sangiorgio was charged with two additional counts on Feb. 14 after a second employee came forward with allegations. It wasn't until five days later that family members were notified of the second string of attacks.

The letter mentioned that he had been fired and was no longer permitted at Wildflour Bakery.

Castellanos is not letting up. She wants the the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board, which places the disabled adults at Wildflour, to require new security measures.

"I hope Wildflour takes this matter seriously," Castellanos said. "I hope they're really taking actions to holistically consider what they can do to make sure this never happens again."

When asked for comment, Rogan told New4's Julie Carey he couldn't answer her questions.

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