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US House Passes Bill to Make the Capitol More Accessible for New Mothers

The U.S. House of Representatives approved a proposed law to make the D.C. area's many federal government buildings friendlier to mothers.

It would require each building to have sufficient lactation spaces for breastfeeding.

About a year ago, News4 I-Team found several federal government facilities in D.C. lacked the number of breastfeeding spaces required of federal complexes for employees and visitors, including buildings used by the House itself.

The bill approved by the House Tuesday evening would boost the number of spaces at federal buildings nationwide, which would mean the government would follow the same requirements it makes of private employers.

It's unclear if it would lead to immediate changes to the Capitol complex itself. The I-Team investigation found Congress woefully lacking in space for new moms.

Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) drafted the legislation and said, "Considering millions of people visit federal sites across the country, and particularly here in the nation’s capital, visiting nursing mothers should also have access."

The Senate also has to approve the bill.

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