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United Airlines Says Goodbye to Its ‘Queen of the Skies' at Dulles

United Airlines' iconic Boeing 747 landed at Dulles International Airport for the last time on Thursday morning.

The "Queen of the Skies," as the company calls it, has been a part of the airline’s fleet since 1970. When it debuted decades ago, the 747 was tailored to luxurious travel, the airline said.

United is replacing the 747 with more fuel-efficient and cost-effective models in and has focused on providing “an updated and enhanced inflight experience for customers traveling on long-haul flights” in recent years, the airline said in a statement. 

The older aircrafts have four engines, while newer ones only have two. 

The 747 has a distinctive double decker hump on its top, making it one of the most recognizable planes in the sky. On Oct. 12, the plane embarked on a farewell tour to the airline's major hubs. It started in San Francisco before heading to Los Angeles, Houston and D.C. The distinctive 747's last stop will be in Honolulu on Nov. 7.

The Chicago-based airline celebrated the aircraft’s legacy by giving employees and retirees one last chance to say goodbye to the aircraft.

United Airlines' move to retire the plane follows that of Delta, which recently retired its own 747.

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