Senator Raises Stakes in UMD Porn War

Maybe it is time for the state legislature to finish, uh, not bankrupting Maryland

Just read the headline from this Washington Post news report: "Md. Lawmakers Vote to Require Reports on University Porn Policies." Suck on that, College. Huh?

If you thought that popular Senate eunuch Andrew "Mr. Belding" Harris was going to let these rotten University of Maryland youths throw away their lives watching hardcore pirate pornography without paying a non-binding price, then you were foolish of course! These kids (young adults) might think they can watch comical sex movies on Harris' dime until the cows come home, but guess what, college students are not important:

Budget negotiators from the Maryland General Assembly agreed this afternoon to require reports from public universities about their policies on displaying or screening pornographic films. But the provision adopted by lawmakers does not make university funding contingent on the report.

So if colleges don't submit those reports on their "policies on displaying or screening pornographic films," then Andy Harris will... write them STRONGLY-WORDED LETTERS.


The language adopted today by a joint House-Senate conference committee says the legislature "is concerned about the use of public higher education facilities to display or screen materials and films that are defined as obscene by the U.S. Supreme Court for purely entertainment purposes."

Hmm, that seems like very judgmental writing on the part of the Maryland state legislature. What if pirates have sex differently than regular humans? That's educational. THAT'S LEARNING.

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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