Uber Family Offers Car Seat Option

Uber hopes you'll spend your family's hard-earned cash with the company now that some of its rides offer car seats.

After you request an UberX or black car, tap the family button, which you'll start seeing Monday. The child must be at least 12 months old and 22 pounds.

There's a $10 surcharge, but it will be waived this weekend.

However, the car seat provided by Uber is front-facing. The American Pediatric Association recommends infants ride in rear-facing seats until they're at least 2 years old.

Drivers using Uber Family may be ridesharing or peer-to-peer drivers and may not be professionally licensed.

“Uber has partnered with IMMI, the industry leader in manufacturing straps, buckles, and LATCH hardware for many car seats in the US,” read a statement from UBER. “The IMMI Go seat meets all the requirements set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Standard and specifically tailored to fit the needs and specifications of our partner vehicles.”

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