TSA Agent Questions Woman's DC ID Card

A D.C. woman flying home from Arizona recently was questioned as to whether her D.C. driver's license was a valid form of identification.

Ashley Brandt says she and her boyfriend were on their way home to D.C. at the Phoenix airport when a TSA agent declined to accept her D.C. driver's license as a valid form of identification.

"I got a little nervous," Brandt said. "I just wasn't sure if the TSA didn't think it was a valid ID or it was because D.C. wasn't a state."

Brandt said the man asked for her passport, which she did not bring.

Luckily, the confusion was short-lived and Brandt made it home without any delays.

A spokesperson for the TSA told News4: 

"A valid Washington, D.C. driver's license is an acceptable form of identification at all TSA checkpoints."


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Brandt did not file a complaint, but she does hope what happened to her will serve as a lesson.

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