Trump Impersonator Stars in DC-Area Super Bowl Ad With Joe Jacoby

"It's just good, innocent humor," the general manager of Cyprus Air, Heating & Cooling said about the ad

Mike Tyson singing the Michael & Son Services jingle was perhaps the most memorable moment in a D.C.-area Super Bowl ad last year. 

This year, the President Donald Trump impression in the Cyprus Air, Heating & Cooling ad may be what sticks with us. 

An ad for the Alexandria company featured Trump impersonator John Di Domenico and former offensive lineman Joe Jacoby, who won three Super Bowls with the Washington Redkins.

Cyprus Air general manager Peter Demetri said Monday that the company had been looking for a "current" way to advertise. The company had previously worked with Jacoby, and they found Di Domenico through a talent agency.

"He doesn't sway one way or another as far as being political," Demetri said about the impersonator. "It's just good, innocent humor. We're not trying to poke the bear."

The ad, which aired only in the D.C. area, begins with "Trump" standing outside one of the business' locations.

"Washington is so cold. I thought Russia was cold," he says, shivering.

He goes inside and finds Jacoby sitting near a fire. The two talk about a "yuge" sale.

"You want to see yuge?" Jacoby asks as he holds up his right hand, which is adorned with three Super Bowl rings.

"Trump" scrutinizes his own hand and then pushes Jacoby's hand down.

"You know, Joe -- you're a winner, I'm a winner, everyone's a winner with Cyprus Air's gas fireplaces," he concludes.

Di Domenico has played Trump on "Conan," "Inside Edition" and NBC News. The impressionist -- who also plays Dr. Evil, Jay Leno and Guy Fieri -- told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he watched the entire first season of "Celebrity Apprentice" to learn Trump's mannerisms.

"I picked up his throat placement, nasal placement, cadence," Di Domenico told the paper. "He's even more exaggerated today."

Demetri, of Cyprus Air, said Di Domenico was more realistic as Trump than Alec Baldwin is on "Saturday Night Live."

"He's absolutely, 100 percent better," he said. "His mannerisms are very, very good."

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