Trooper Injured on Capital Beltway

Driver did not stop at the scene

A Maryland State Trooper was injured Wednesday night after he tried to assist with a minor car accident on the Beltway.

The trooper had stopped on the shoulder of the Outer Loop, just north of River Road, when another vehicle struck him, knocking him on to the hood of his cruiser. He was able to radio the dispatcher that he was struck and that the vehicle had kept going.

The trooper pursued a silver vehicle for a short time and eventually stopped a silver Subaru just before the Clara Barton Parkway. That driver was questioned by authorities and released without any charges.

A few hours later, police located a silver Prius with damage to the passenger-side mirror. Authorities are currently questioning the driver to see if they may have been involved in the accident.

This all happened just days after a new law went into effect in Maryland, which requires drivers to move over one full lane of traffic while passing emergency vehicles on the side of the road when the vehicle’s lights are flashing. Violators can receive a $110 ticket and two points on their license.

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