Trick-or-Treater Restocks Empty Candy Bowl From His Own Haul

In just a day, millions of people have seen it

When an 8-year-old trick-or-treater came across a porch with an empty candy bowl Thursday, he decided to part with some of his candy to spare others the same disappointment.

Jackson Champagne was trick-or-treating with his sister, Gracie, in Gambrills, Maryland, when he came across the empty bowl on Symphony Lane about 7:30 p.m.

“Oh no,” he is heard saying on the home’s doorbell camera. “There ain’t no more candy.”

The video shows Jackson scooping candy out of his bag and filling the bowl.

His mother couldn’t believe it.

“I had a moment, a mommy moment, and I was, like, patting myself on the back, ‘Aww, that’s my son,’” Danielle Champagne said.

It set a good example for Gracie, too, though she seemed a little perplexed.

Homeowner Kevin Hodges, a Prince George’s County firefighter, watched it happen from work.

“I was actually watching it with the guys on my shift as Jackson dug into his bag and put candy in the bowl, so I immediately made a clip of it and sent it to (my wife) and said, ‘Check this kid out. You won’t believe it,’” he said.

His wife, Leslie, felt compelled to share Jackson’s spur-of-the-moment generosity with the world.

“For a child to do that without being prompted, it was really nice, so I said other people need to see this,” she said.

In just a day, millions of people have seen it.

“It’s something you try to teach your kids without pushing it on them or forcing it on them, you know, giving back,” said Jackson’s dad, Tyler Champagne.

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