Tree Crashes Onto Maryland Home, Injuring 100-Year-Old Woman

The woman was in bed when the tree ripped through the roof over her bed

A 100-year-old woman survived a huge tree crashing into her bedroom early Friday.

With wind gusts as strong as 70 mph in the D.C. area, the tree crashed through the woman's home in Kensington, Maryland, leaving her with minor injuries.

The woman was in bed on the second floor of her house on East Bexhill Drive when the tree ripped through the roof, her caregiver told News4.

Photos show chaos in the woman's bedroom. Wooden beams are piled on the twin bed, which is covered in debris.

Miraculously, the woman, named Alice, only had bumps and bruises, and needed stitches to her head, her caregiver said.

The tree tipped onto the corner of the house, pounding through the roof and breaking through two walls.

Montgomery County firefighters made their way inside and rescued the woman. She was taken to a hospital for her injuries.

Amid howling winds, neighbors said they had no idea a tree had toppled onto the woman's house.

"We heard the wind around 1 a.m. and got up, got the girls to the basement and then heard a boom. But we thought maybe it was thunder," neighbor Alvaro Puig said.

Trees have fallen onto houses in the neighborhood before, residents said. Neighbor Jeff Stallsmith said he had a scare a few years ago.

"All of a sudden, my whole house shook, and if we had been in our bedroom, we’d have both been dead," he said.

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