Trauma Survivors Reunite With Doctors, Nurses Who Saved Their Lives

People who survived life-threatening trauma got a chance Friday to thank the medical professionals who treated them when they needed help most.

George Washington University Hospital held its fifth annual Trauma Survivors' Day.

Sam Rossiello, 23, survived being hit by a Metro train in February. Dr. Libby Schroeder was on call that night.

"He arrived in the trauma bay after having suffered some pretty impressive injuries," the surgeon said.

Schroeder helped keep Rossiello's spirits up, even when doctors told him they would need to partially amputate both of his legs.

"The first thing I said when they said they were gonna have to amputate my legs was I asked if I was gonna be taller," he recalled.

Rossiello was one of seven trauma patients who returned to GW hospital to thank the people who saved them.


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"It’s rewarding for me because these are the people who took care of me when I had no ability to take care of myself," he said.

Therapist Mary Chappell said she was moved to see how Rossiello has progressed.

"I was so uplifted to kind of see, recognize, witness what has happened -- brought a tear to my eye," she said.

Rossiello, who works in New York as a technology consultant, said he is looking ahead to how he can help others.

"I'll maybe create a mobile application for mental health and wellness," he said.

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