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Metro's Oldest SmarTrip Cards Expire Tuesday: Here's What to Do

SmarTrip fare cards purchased before 2012 will stop working Tuesday, March 1

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If you've got a SmarTrip card that's more than 10 years old, be prepared to trade in that card now.

Metro's oldest SmarTrip fare cards will no longer be accepted at faregates and fareboxes starting Tuesday, March 1, WMATA says.

Why Are Old SmarTrip Cards Expiring?

Cards purchased before 2012 won't be compatible with Metro's new faregates, which have already been installed at many stations, according to the transit agency.

WMATA says it first warned customers about 10 months ago that the old cards would need to be replaced as stations were being equipped with new faregates.

Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld announced Thursday that SmarTrip payments will soon be available on most smartphones and the Apple Watch. SmarTrip Android service will be available soon after. News4's Adam Tuss has the latest on SmarTrip's switch and other developments from Metro's board meeting.

How to Transfer the Balance on an Old SmarTrip Card

Although the old farecards will stop working March 1, you'll still be able to trade them in after the deadline, and any remaining balance can be transferred to a new card.

Metro will offer free replacement cards via mail, phone (888-SMARTRIP or 888-762-7874) or online here for a limited time. You can also buy a new SmarTrip card and then transfer the balance from your old card using your online SmarTrip account.

WMATA said SmartBenefits customers and Senior SmarTrip cardholders can also use the online process to replace their old cards.

How to Check the Age of Your SmarTrip Card

Can't remember exactly when you purchased your SmarTrip card? That's OK: You can find out via the serial number on the back.

All newer cards start with "0167." For those cards, you won't need to do anything.

SmarTrip cards that begin with any other serial number will need to be replaced.

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