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Metro Board Approves Longer Hours, More Frequent Service

Metrorail will stay open until midnight seven days a week

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Metro's board approved a long list of service and fare changes Thursday in an effort to encourage more commuters to use the public transit system.

The changes include restoring or improving service on dozens of bus routes, more frequent service, extending rail hours and reducing fares.


In July, Metrorail will stay open until midnight seven days a week.

Metro will expand those hours to 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays in September. Late-night train frequencies will also improve to every 10 minutes on the Red Line, and every 15 minutes on all other lines.

Trains will operate every 6 minutes on the Red Line and every 12 minutes on all other lines, during off-peak hours on weekdays in September and on weekends sometime late this year, Metro said.

During peak hours, trains will operate every 10 minutes on all lines but the Red Line by September to accommodate return to work and school. Trains will operate every 5 minutes during peak hours on the Red Line by late this year.


Twenty bus lines will operate every 12 minutes or better, 7 a.m. – 9 p.m., seven days a week starting in September, and 16 other bus lines will operate every 20 minutes, Metro said.

Metro said service will also be restored or improved on 46 more bus routes in September.


Beginning in September, there will be no more transfer fees between the bus and rail. The transit agency will also implement a first-of its kind $2 flat rate for Metrorail on the weekend.

Seven-day regional bus passes will be discounted from $15 to $12.

Metro says the D.C. area is rapidly reopening and it wants to meet riders’ needs while attracting new customers.

Authorities expect a slow recovery in ridership: In 2022, Metro is planning for about two-thirds fewer trips than before the pandemic.

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