Maryland State Police Cracking Down on Speeding; Some Caught at 100+ MPH

Maryland State Police are using marked and unmarked vehicles to catch those who are speeding

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Since the pandemic began, fewer cars on the road have caused some people to drive faster. Maryland State Police are cracking down on those who drive over the speed limit.

Police handed out more than 400 citations and warnings to drivers just Monday alone.

“We’ve had individuals traveling anywhere from 120 miles per hour, 130 miles per hour — and right now we're seeing a trend of 90 miles per hour,” said Maryland State Police Capt. Prendi Garcia.

Although there are fewer cars on the roads, the higher speeds can have dangerous consequences.

The Maryland State Police Department has kept some of the crashed vehicles as a reminder for residents to slow down and stay safe.

“Some of the excuses we get or the reasoning behind speeding (are), ‘I’m late for work; I didn’t realize I was going that fast; I thought I was going with traffic,’” Garcia said.

Maryland State Police are using both marked and unmarked vehicles along the highways to crack down on those who are speeding.


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“We try to use every resource available to achieve our goals,” Garcia said. “And our number one goal is to save lives.”

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