DC to Fine Drivers $150 for Blocking Bike Lanes

Soon, even a driver who leaves before getting a ticket could receive a fine in the mail

Any motorist stopping, parking or standing in a bike lane will now face a fine of $150 starting Feb. 29, according to the DC Department of Public Works (DPW).

Anyone blocking a bike lane will receive a printed ticket for $150 at the scene — and even if an offender drives away, DPW says they'll send a ticket in the mail that shows a photo of the violation.

The DPW is mobilizing 26 new Parking Enforcement Officers, who now have the authority to photograph vehicles that are blocking bike lanes. Tickets can still be appealed through the Department of Motor Vehicles according to the DPW.

DPW Director Chris Geldart said giving tickets will incentivize drivers to keep bike lanes clear and in turn keep shared roads safer.

It's not just officers who can document these violations on the road now.

To report someone blocking a bike lane, people can use the OurStreets app. In the app you can upload a photo, input additional information about the instance and the app will send the information to the DPW.

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