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DC Implementing New Street Safety Measures

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D.C. is implementing new measures to make streets safer in some known trouble spots.

Flexiposts are used around the District to direct traffic, but cars often mow them down.

Now concrete will be a permanent replacement for some flexiposts.

“To make sure that we’re really slowing vehicular traffic down, and we’re really putting all of our type of efforts in to make sure that we’re reengineering our roadways,” D.C. Department of Transportation Director Everett Lott.

Lott said narrower roadways and more concrete protected bike lanes are coming, as are more concrete islands so pedestrians have a place to stand if they get caught in the middle of the road.

“It hurts me every day to see and hear about young families that have been unfortunately victimized by someone who is driving aggressively,” Lott said.

Eight locations – many of them confusing intersections where multiple streets intersect – will get what’s being called more hardened infrastructure.


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The heavy-duty work on those intersections will start in the spring and summer months.

DDOT said the program to add more concrete has been approved and funded. 

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