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Credibility of Metro's Main Safety Oversight Group Called Into Question

Inside a Metro station

New claims set to be released Friday will call into question recent reports from Metro’s lead safety oversight group, the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.

Without directly saying recent reports by the Safety Commission were falsified, several groups are asking whether the Commission had evidence to support damaging claims made against Metro’s central control center – known as the ROCC (Rail Operation Control Center).

In September, the Safety Commission found that Metro managers who oversee the movement of trains manipulated safety investigations and created a “toxic workplace culture” that poses a threat to riders.

But following that report, two separate groups began to look into the commission’s reporting and could not find evidence to back up some of their claims.

The report on Friday will lay out some of the concerns.

This matters to Metro riders because the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission took over the lead oversight of Metro safety last year from the federal government. For years there have been complaints that Metro itself does not have an adequate safety watchdog. Now, however, the new watchdog itself is being criticized.

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