Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Suspect Arrested After 4-Mile Backup on Chesapeake Bay Bridge

A suspect was arrested and the roads are back open, police say.

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A suspect was arrested after police activity and road closures Saturday morning at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge caused a 4-mile backup, police say.

Westbound Route 50 on Kent Island reopened after the suspect was taken into custody, the Queen Anne's Sheriff's office said.

All lanes of the Bay Bridge are back open, but lengthy traffic delays remained, state transportation authorities say.

Backups stretched at least 5 miles on each side of the bridge about 12:30 p.m., the Maryland Department of Transportation said.

Police activity shut down parts of Route 50 and the Bay Bridge for hours before noon.

Police haven't given further details about the suspect or any charges against them.

All lanes on the Bay Bridge were closed early Saturday and part of Route 50 was closed for hours, authorities said.

Even after one lane on the bridge reopened, a line of traffic grew from 2 miles to 4, authorities said.

Drivers on social media reported being stuck in the traffic jam for up to two hours.

Beach-bound traffic was told to follow a detour at exit 37 to return to eastbound U.S. 50, the Maryland Department of Transportation said.

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