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5 Orange Line Metro Stations Close for Summer 2022

Five stations in Washington, DC and Prince George's County, Maryland, will close from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day 2022

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If you regularly travel on the east end of Metro's Orange Line, it's time to think about making other plans. Five Metro stations are closed for the entire summer so their platforms can be improved, so if you use one of the affected stations, here's what you need to know.

Which Metro Stations Are Closing in Summer 2022?

The five stations are all along the Orange Line in Maryland and D.C.:

  • New Carrollton (Maryland)
  • Landover (Maryland)
  • Cheverly (Maryland)
  • Deanwood (Northeast D.C.)
  • Minnesota Avenue (Northeast D.C.)

While those stations are closed, there will be no Orange Line service between Stadium-Armory and New Carrollton. Orange Line trains will run between Vienna and Stadium-Armory only.

Five stations on the eastern end of Metro's Orange Line will be closed in summer 2022.

How Long Will Those Metro Stations Be Closed?


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The affected stations will be closed from May 28 (the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend) through Sept. 5, which is Labor Day. All together, that's nearly 10 weeks.

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Will Other Metro Lines Be Affected?

Service on two other Metro lines will be affected on weekends in areas where those lines run in conjunction with the Orange Line.

On weekends, there will be no Orange, Blue or Silver line service between Stadium-Armory and New Carrollton/Benning Road. The Orange Line will operate between Vienna and Ballston only; riders should then transfer to/from the Silver Line as an alternative.

The Blue and Silver lines will run in two segments on weekends:

  • Blue Line: between Stadium-Armory and Franconia-Springfield, and between Benning Road and Largo
  • Silver Line: between Stadium-Armory and Wiehle-Reston East, and between Benning Road and Largo

The Red, Yellow and Green lines won't be affected.

Why Are Those Stations Closing?

They're closing for the last leg of Metro's Platform Improvement Project. Metro has been rebuilding platforms at outdoor stations that have deteriorated due to exposure to weather elements, the transit agency said.

Metro will also add new features at these stations, including slip-resistant tiles throughout the stations, LED lighting and illuminated handrails, and new platform shelters with power outlets and digital map/information displays.

What Are Metro's Shuttle Bus Options?

Both local and express shuttle buses will be available during the station closures. The shuttle buses are free and will be operated using a combination of standard Metrobuses and coach buses, the transit agency said.

Free shuttle bus service will be offered along the closed Orange Line stations.

Local Service:

  • between New Carrollton, Landover, Cheverly, Deanwood, Minnesota Avenue and Stadium-Armory
  • every 15-20 minutes, seven days per week, during Metrorail's operating hours

Express Service:

  • Express 1: limited stops at New Carrollton, Landover and Stadium-Armory 
  • Express 2: limited stops at Deanwood, Minnesota Avenue and Stadium-Armory
  • every 10-15 minutes, seven days per week, during Metrorail's operating hours

Blue/Silver Line Shuttle Service:

  • between Stadium-Armory and Benning Road
  • weekends only

What Metrobus Routes Work for Alternate Transportation?

Metro has provided a long list of Metrobus routes that riders may consider. Regular bus service offered by Metrobus and Prince George's County TheBus will continue to operate at the closed stations.

New Carrollton:

  • Metrobus F4: service to Prince George’s Plaza/Hyattsville Crossing & Silver Spring stations 
  • Metrobus F6: service to College Park-University of Maryland, Prince George’s Plaza/Hyattsville Crossing, West Hyattsville & Fort Totten stations
  • Metrobus F12: service to Landover & Cleverly stations (closed)
  • Metrobus F13: service to Cheverly station (closed)
  • Metrobus F14: service to Addison Road & Naylor Road stations
  • Metrobus G12 & G14: service to Greenbelt station
  • Metrobus T14 & T18: service to Rhode Island Avenue station
  • TheBus 16: service to Greenbelt station
  • TheBus 21: service to Largo Town Center/Downtown Largo station


  • Metrobus A12: service to Addison Road, Capitol Heights stations
  • Metrobus F12: service to New Carrollton & Cheverly stations (closed)


  • Metrobus F1 & F2: service to West Hyattsville & Takoma stations
  • Metrobus F8: service to Prince George’s Plaza/Hyattsville Crossing station
  • Metrobus F12: service to Landover & New Carrollton stations (closed)
  • Metrobus F13: service to New Carrollton station (closed)
  • TheBus 18: service to Prince George’s Plaza/Hyattsville Crossing & Addison Road stations
  • TheBus 23: service to Addison Road station


  • Metrobus R12: service to College Park-University of Maryland & Greenbelt stations
  • Metrobus U7: service to Minnesota Avenue Station (closed)
  • Metrobus V14: service to Addison Road Station
  • Metrobus W4: service to Benning Road, Congress Heights & Anacostia stations

Minnesota Avenue:

  • Metrobus U5 & U6: service to Benning Road station
  • Metrobus U7: service to Deanwood Station (closed)
  • Metrobus V2 & V4: service to Capitol Heights, Anacostia Station, Potomac Avenue & Navy Yard-Ballpark stations
  • Metrobus V7 & V8: service to Benning Road & Congress Heights stations
  • Metrobus X2: service to Union Station, Gallery Place, Metro Center & McPherson Square stations
  • Metrobus X9: service to Capitol Heights, Union Station, Gallery Place & Metro Center stations

What About Parking at the Affected Metro Stations?

Parking will be free for Metro customers at the five closed stations.

However, be aware that parking will be reduced at several of them: Landover (about 25% of the lot is closed); Cheverly (about 75% of the lot is closed) and Deanwood (about 50%).

In addition, the entire Minnesota Avenue station lot will close starting Saturday, May 28.

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