Child Sex Abuse Prevention Training

Safe Shores training DPR staff on preventing child sex abuse

Summer camps and programs around the city are preparing for the hundreds of kids that show up every year, and that includes training on how to keep them safe.

Safe Shores, the D.C. Children’s Advocacy Center that trains public and youth-serving organizations on how to reduce the risks of abuse, also trained DPR staff on how to prevent child sex abuse by conducting six training sessions in May.

“Safe Shores is thrilled to provide child sexual abuse prevention training to DPR staff. The D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation is setting such a great example of leadership in proactively promoting child safety,” said Michele Booth Cole, executive director of Safe Shores.

After the final two sessions set to take place in June, a total of 240 of DPR’s community service and community recreation programs staff members will have completed the preventative training.

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