Town Remakes Signs to Deter Blair Witch Thieves

So... people still care about "The Blair Witch Project." Interesting!

The town of Burkittsville, Md. is still dealing with fallout from serving as the creepy, on-film home of the Blair Witch. What this means in real life is that people have been stealing their signs for the past ten years.

Translation: People still care about "The Blair Witch Project." Interesting!

The Frederick News-Post reported Tuesday that the western Maryland community of fewer than 200 people is erecting new welcome signs bearing little resemblance to those featured in the 1999 movie "The Blair Witch Project."

Souvenir seekers repeatedly stole the older-style signs, even after the town replaced the wooden versions with heavy metal ones. Mayor Debby Burgoyne says the new signs will be blue with white letters and red stars. The old signs were black on white. Yeah, come to think of it, the old ones kinda do sound scarier.

Officials say a local historical society has claimed one of the old signs. The rest may be auctioned online or locally.

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