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Seattle based company Inrix analyzed 47,000 miles of major highways in the nation's largest 100 metropolitan areas and here are the top ten metropolitan areas with the worst traffic. According to researches, traffic congestion in 2008 was 15-60% lower than in 2007.

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Los Angeles has been ranked the number one most congested region in the U.S. As if there was any doubt. All you have to do is watch the 1993 Michael Douglis flick "Falling Down."
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New York City is #2 on this list. No surprise there either. If you took away all of the yellow cabs though there'd only be a few guys on bicycles.
The gusts in the "Windy City" doesn't help traffic in Chicago move along any faster, landing it at #3 on the list.
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Dallas/Forth Worth is ranked number fourth most congested region. Even when it does not feel like it, traffic studies show that getting around is getting easier, partially thanks to the economic slow down.
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Traffic at the U.S. Capitol in D.C. remains halted at a standstill on Pennsylvania Avenue -- like so much legislation. Washington made the list at #5.
Houston, the number six most traffic-dense city, is particularly hard to commute in. This smoggy picture shows the ill-effects of heavy traffic.
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Cars drive on the Golden Gate brige in San Francisco, in the 7th most traffic dense city. But perhaps the crossing's congestion will change soon as officials consider raising the bridge toll by $1 to $7 by September 2009 for peak travel times and on weekends and holidays.
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Boston, MA came in number 8 for congestion. The construction plan known as "The Big Dig," set out to cure Boston’s longtime traffic headache.
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If you live in #9 Seattle be sure to stay away from SR520 - Bellevue Way/Lake Washingtown Blvd. interchange. Especially on Fridays between 4 and 5 p.m. It is a particularly backed up bottleneck for locals, even though it doesn't crack the top 100 nationwide.
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Minneapolis/St. Paul is ranked the number ten most traffic congested region in the U.S. In 2007 its I-35W bridge, which spans the Mississippi River near the city's downtown, collapsed during evening rush hour on August 1.
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