Too Sexy for Old Town?

Sex shop too racy for some Alexandrians

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Some Alexandria residents are steamed about a new store in Old Town specializing in "adult entertainment," James Cullum reported for

Children's clothing and toy store Why Not's new neighbor -- across the street from the city's tourist information center in the 200 block of King Street -- is Le Tache, opened by John Kenney, who owns nine MVC Late Night Video stores in the region and an L.A. production company called Sex Z Pictures. The store sells pornographic DVDs, blow-up dolls, oils, creams, condoms, lingerie, and costumes, like Nurse on Call.

Billed as a couples boutique, Le Tache opened quietly and quickly caught passers-by's eyes, and some's ire.

City leaders have met with the sex shop's owners, urging them to tone it down and fit in better with the historic neighborhood, but the store is perfectly legal, to the dismay of nearby building owners.

Old Town's romance inspired the store, Kenney told, saying he and his wife wanted to open a store that catered to women and couples -- unlike his other stores -- after seeing couples walk through Old Town holding hands and kissing.

Approve of it or not, business is booming according to the general manager. Sex sells, after all, and even bad press is good PR.

The store opened in early January and soon, closing had been unofficially extended two hours to 11 p.m., the general manager told

The owners of Le Tache plan to hold a private party next month to introduce themselves to nearby businesses and neighbors. How private the party will be remains to be seen.

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