Too Racy for Reston?

Mysterious new shop creates controversy in Fairfax County community

There are many questions surrounding Maria’s Passion Paradise. When will the Reston store open? What will it sell when it does? Is it actually a sex shop?

Those questions remain unanswered, but some people living near the still-unopened store are certain they don’t want Maria’s anywhere near their homes.

They’re launching an effort to prevent the store from opening in Lake Anne Plaza.

“I wouldn’t want something like that,” one resident told News4. “There are all these little kids running around in the fountain ... so I don’t think that would be a good thing to have right in the middle of Lake Anne Shopping Center.”

The head of the condo association in the area said the owner of the retail space claims Maria’s Passion Paradise won’t open. However, the store is now filled with lingerie and other provocative clothing.

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