Karen Toles Guilty of Reckless Driving

Prince George's County councilwoman to face charge for driving 100 mph on the Beltway

A judge found a Prince George's County Council member guilty of reckless driving Wednesday afternoon.

Council member Karen Toles was caught driving more than 100 mph on the Beltway.

She was fined $402 and must pay $33 in court fees. She was also given probation. If she goes a year without another traffic offense, this infraction will be wiped from her record.

Toles will not have additional points added to her driving record. She faced the possibility of being assessed six points on her license. She already has two points on her record, and an increase to eight points would have meant beginning the process of suspending her license.

Police testified they pulled over Toles in February as she cut in and out of traffic -- almost causing an accident -- at high speed. She claims she was late for an appointment when she was busted for speeding and has apologized for her lead foot.

Police said Toles told them she was also distracted using her cell phone and putting on makeup.

Originally, police cited Toles for an unsafe lane change and gave her a warning for speeding, causing public outrage. The officer could not establish her speed because his vehicle did not have radar. Police Chief Mark Magaw added the reckless driving charge in March.

Toles and three police officers testified Wednesday.

Toles already pleaded guilty to the less serious lane change. Her lawyer argued that guilty plea made the reckless driving charge double jeopardy, but the judge disagreed.

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