Timeline for Police-Involved Shooting in Arlington

Timeline for Arlington police-involved shooting on May 19, 2015:

10:51:44 – Initial 911 received by the Arlington County Emergency Communications Center (ECC) for a possible domestic disturbance. The reporting party informs the dispatcher they hear a female screaming from inside an apartment.

10:54:12 – Two officers are dispatched to scene by ECC for trouble unknown – possible domestic dispute.

10:54:31 – Call changed from trouble unknown to a domestic dispute, older couple in this apartment arguing loudly -possibly drinking

10:55:36 – First officer arrives on scene.

10:56:28 – Second officer arrives on scene.

10:56:39 – Third officer arrives on scene.

  • The first two officers make contact with both parties believed to be involved in the domestic dispute at the front door of the apartment.
  • Male party becomes confrontational with officers and attempts to slam the door closed.
  • One officer places his foot in the door to prevent the door from closing and to avoid losing sight of and contact with the parties involved.
  • Male party raises a metal pole in an aggressive manner, prompting an officer at the threshold to deploy his taser. The taser deployment was unsuccessful and the officer is struck in the face with the end of a metal pole by the male party.
  • The officer sustains a significant facial injury – a serious laceration.
  • A second taser deployment occurred by the same officer. That was also unsuccessful as one of the prongs struck one of the other officers in the arm, temporarily incapacitating him.
  • The tased officer retreats to the exterior of the apartment building because he is unable to assist with the situation.
  • Physical struggle ensues inside residence with the male party violently swinging the metal pole, prompting the officer to discharge his firearm out of fear for his safety and the safety of others.
  • Three shots were fired, each striking the male party in the upper body.
  • The third officer enters apartment and secures the scene until arrival of EMS.

10:59:54 – The third officer provides radio transmission w/ situational report, to include injuries to two officers & the parties involved in the domestic disturbance.

11:00:22 – EMS dispatched to scene

11:02:39 – EMS arrives on scene

11:10:22 – EMS transports male party to Virginia Hospital Center (VHC) where he is pronounced deceased by VHC medical staff.

11:18:21 – Injured officers transported to Virginia Hospital Center

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