Thieves Slam Truck into Lanham 7-Eleven, Steal ATM

Potential customers looking for coffee at a Lanham, Maryland, 7-Eleven are being turned away Wednesday morning after thieves slammed a car into the store's window and drove off with an ATM.

The thieves rammed a pickup truck through the window of the store on Finns Lane near Annapolis Road early Wednesday morning, then grabbed the ATM from inside the store and escaped.

Two of the thieves entered the store before the truck crashed through, police said. They oredered everyone to the ground and shielded them from debris.

No one was reported injured.

Video from the scene shows a front window peeled off and landed on the ground, and a door whacked off its hinges. Display cases were damaged and a lottery sign was left hanging by one chain.

Prince George's County Police responded about 1:56 a.m. The store was still closed into the morning commute as employees cleaned the mess, and customers who arrived to pick up morning coffee were turned away.

Hours later, police were called to a vacant lot where they found three stolen ATMs on fire. One of the ATMs was from the store. Police found the suspected stolen truck nearby.

It's unclear how much money was in the ATM. Police haven't released details about how many suspects were involved.

There have been similar ATM thefts in D.C. and Maryland in the past several months, including one at a 7-Eleven in Northwest D.C.

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