Thieves Target Cars at Gas Station Pumps

Thieves targeted cars at gas stations in Prince George's County, Maryland, Tuesday.

The thieves targeted a total of four cars at three gas stations -- one on Allentown Way, one on Allentown Road and one on St. Barnabas Road.

Surveillance video from a gas station in Camp Springs shows a man sneak up to a car, open the passenger side door, take something from the car and get back into the getaway car while an unsuspecting driver pumps gas on the other side of the car. Police said thieves targeted two cars at that station.

The same getaway car -- a silver BMW that possibly has a temporary tag -- was used in the other two robberies.

Police advise drivers to lock their cars when pumping gas or going into a store even if only briefly.

Anyone who recognizes the person or car in the surveillance video should call police at 866-411-8773.

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