Thief Caught on Camera Stealing Catalytic Converter From Car in Rockville

The older Prius cars are targeted by thieves due to the catalytic converters containing a higher amount of precious metals

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A suspect who stole the catalytic converter from a Toyota Prius in Montgomery County was caught on camera last week.

The thief appeared to know how to avoid being seen by the home’s video doorbell, but a second camera captured a video of the crime. The homeowner and owner of the Prius, Larry (he asked that News4 not use his last name) said he was able to see the incident on his security camera video from the early morning of July 29.

 “We saw absolute brazenness, no mask, totally visible, standing and looking around,” Larry said.

Larry and his wife do not use the car every day, so when they got in the car a few days later they knew something was wrong. He looked under the car and learned his vehicle’s catalytic converter, a pricey and necessary piece of the car had been stolen.

"My better half went up to start the car and we heard the rumble, and then it was pretty apparent right away what had happened," Larry said.

All that was left of the converter were a few springs Larry found under the car.  

According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, older Prius cars, years 2004-2009 are the most targeted by thieves because catalytic converters contain a higher amount of precious metals than the new Prius models. 

When Larry posted the video on social media, he heard from Prius owners who live only a few blocks away and one as far away as Germany, that they have all had their catalytic converters stolen.

This type of repair is generally covered by insurance and will cost Larry $2,800.

“Our cost after insurance will still be $500,” Larry said.

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