The Science of JaVale

The show Sport Science uses technology to break down the, well, science of how athletes achieve amazing feats in their respective sports. A recent filming focused on the Wizards high flying center JaVale McGee in a yet-to-be-aired dunking episode.

We spoke with John Brenkus, host and creator of Sport Science, about JaVale’s visit to the lab.

“JaVale’s performance last year in the dunk contest was, to me, astounding,” said Brenkus. “In particular the double dunk. The double dunk is something that I feel very few people in the world can actually do. It’s one of the few dunks I’ve ever seen where I really question if anybody else in that dunk competition could have actually done that dunk.”

So they invited JaVale to the Sport Science lab to break down the science of the double dunk. They also had him do something that Brenkus says no one has ever done before.

“It’s a secret dunk that I think the audience is going to love,” Brenkus teased. “I can’t tell you any more about it, but I can say he was very successful.”

JaVale was quick to assure us that his “secret dunk” was something that only he could do.

“That dunk would have been very difficult for anyone else doing it but I did it with ease,” JaVale told us. “I want everyone hanging on the edge of their seats.”

He wouldn’t tell us if it involved planking, and the show was filmed before the debut of the flying Buddha, so it’s safe to assume that the “secret dunk” is really something we haven’t seen before.

In the process of analyzing JaVale, the folks at Sport Science were astounded by the physicality and athletic potential of the Wizards big man.

“His sheer size, vertical leap and agility is something that really is special,” explained Brenkus. “There are very few people with that wingspan, with that size, that vertical leap, and that agility.”

That potential is what makes Wizards fans most excited about JaVale. We can only hope that he’s working hard to grow during the lockout.

The JaVale episode of Sports Science will likely not air until the lock out is over, so we’ll just have to be patient.

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