The Price Of Being A Morse Fan? $146.50

Being a Michael Morse fan can get expensive. Just ask one Nats fan whose All-Star voting for Morse led to a pricy surprise.

Barbara Eiden-Molinaro knew that Morse would need a lot of fan votes to make it to this year’s All-Star Game, so she did her part by voting for him via text message – 1,000 times.

What she didn’t know is that her cell phone plan didn’t include unlimited text messages.

“I was pretty shocked and mad at myself for not making sure of my plan before voting,” Barbara told us. “I figured that was going to be my birthday present.”

The price tag on Barbara’s fandom was $146.50, and it was a cost reserved specifically for Morse.

 “I wouldn’t have done it for just any Nat, but Michael Morse has been one of my favorites,” she explained. “I wanted to help get him to the All-Star Game since he so obviously wanted to go.”

Unfortunately, those texts were in vain since Morse ultimately lost the fan vote.

Barbara took her story to the Nats fans on Twitter, who came together and encouraged her to call Verizon and see if they’d be sympathetic to her plight. Thanks to suggestions and tips from the Twitterverse, she doesn’t have to settle for text messages for her birthday.

“Thankfully they eliminated the entire charge,” she said. “And it was much appreciated!”

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