The Night Note: 01/07/09

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Obama to Deliver Major Economic Address

President-elect Obama will deliver a speech on the economy Thursday morning advocating "urgent action" on his economic stimulus plan. Obama's transition team said Wednesday that the speech at George Mason University will focus on the stimulus plan he is negotiating with Congress. "He will make the case for urgent action on an American recovery and reinvestment plan that will save or create 3 million jobs while investing in priorities like health care, energy and education that will jump-start economic growth," the transition team said in a release. (The Hill)

CDC Steps Up Efforts to Find Salmonella Source

A single strain of salmonella has sickened 388 people in 42 states, sending some to the hospital, over the past three months. There's only one problem — so far no one's been able to figure out what's causing it. The outbreak led the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to increase its efforts to find the source this week, pulling in staff from other areas to work on the situation, says Frederick Angulo, deputy chief of enteric diseases. (USA Today)

Bloods Intent on Violence in Wheaton Mall Shooting


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Montgomery County Police say the five alleged Prince George's County members of the Bloods, a national gang, charged Wednesday in connection with a shooting last month at Westfield Wheaton mall went to Montgomery County two days before Christmas "with the intent of shooting someone." (
No Permanent Display for Lincoln's Overcoat
Officials at Ford's Theatre have decided not to put on permanent display the embroidered overcoat Abraham Lincoln wore the night he was assassinated in 1865. The theater, on 10th Street NW, had wanted to exhibit the bloodstained coat in a special protective glass case in the lobby, where it would have been visible through the windows 24 hours a day. (Washington Post)
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