The Night Note: 6/8/09

News you need to know.

The following stories are brought to you by the fine folks on News4 assignment desk.

Bret Michaels performed at the Tony Awards, and all he got was a nose fracture _ and a busted lip. According to Michaels' spokeswoman, the rock singer had X-rays taken after getting clocked in the head by a descending set piece at Sunday's Radio City Music Hall ceremony. Publicist Joann Mignano says Michaels, who performed with his 1980s hair-metal band Poison, fractured his nose and had to get three stitches in his lip. She says he was getting a CAT scan on Monday as a precaution, as he's had a past neck injury. (AP/WTOP)

The Washington edition of MTV's perennial eight-person bildungsroman The Real World has turned the various local Internet webloggers into bloodthirsty grifting jackals, all wanting to confirm that 2000 S Street NW would be the location of the teenage participants' sex castle. There were maintenance crews and outer space satellites being installed, after all. And paper covering the bottom floor windows! THAT'S WHERE THE OFFICES WOULD BE! But MTV has been keeping its secrets, stubbornly, and will not let anyone know what they already know (unless, of course, this is the biggest red herring in D.C. history). (NBC Washington

One day after Chief Dennis Rubin halted fireworks displays at Nats games after paper bits fell on him, the D.C. Fire Department has declared the problem has been fixed. Its press release states: “The District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department met with the Washington Nationals to identify additional measures to ensure spectator safety during pyrotechnic activities at Nationals Park. These new measures will be put in place to serve as an additional layer of protection to reduce debris when fireworks are used during the National Anthem, when the team takes the field, and during the Nationals’ homeruns and victories. Normal pyrotechnic activities will resume for the next home game.” (Washington City Paper)

Apple today unveiled a faster iPhone and dropped the price of the existing model to $99. The new iPhone 3GS (for "speed") comes with a 3-megapixel, auto-focus camera that also captures video. It also has voice control for dialing and iPod playback. The price through U.S. partner AT&T: $199 for 16 GB and $299 for 32 GB. It's available in black and white, like earlier models. (USA Today)

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