The Many Faces Of Clinton Portis: A Retrospective

The Washington Redskins announced Tuesday that former running back Clinton Portis will retire Thursday at Redskins Park, signaling the end of an impressive career.

Yet, perhaps even more impressive than his body of work were his acting skills, which he polished and refined during his seven-year stay in Washington.

Portis had several alter egos, each one zanier than the last. This post is meant to remember those colorful characters who once brightened our lives. Hold your applause until the end.

Cue music.

"Choo Choo"

"Dolemite Jenkins"


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"Dr. Do Itch Big, Prime Minister Yah Mon, Bud Foxx and Electra"

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"Southeast Jerome"

"Coach Janky Spanky"

"Dolla Bill"

Not depicted: "Bro Sweets," "Dr. I Don't Know."

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