The Inaugural Odyssey

Duo documents Inauguration Day frustrations

You've heard the stories of people's trials and tribulations while heading to the National Mall for Inauguration Day.

From those in the "purple tunnel of doom" to those stuck at the bottom of jam-packed Metro escalators, the stories have circulated across the Internet the past couple of days.

Now you can go on the journey again with NBC promotions editor Cosmo Losco and his friend Liz, who documented their trip to the Mall with a handheld camera.

From the time they left Arlington, Va., to the time President Barack Obama addressed the crowd, the duo detailed their trip from start to finish.

Watch the videos below to get a sense of what it was like to head into D.C. on an historic day.The Odyssey, Part 1:

The Odyssey, Part 2:

The Odyssey, Part 3:

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