Airbnb to Whole Foods: See Jeff Bezos’ Far-Reaching Empire in Photos

These are just a few of companies that led to Bezos’ whopping net worth.

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The grocery store chain was Amazon's largest acquisition to date. In August 2018, the online company bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in cash. This expansion into food products is one of the company’s moves to reach people in all aspects of their life. Members of Amazon Prime now get discounts at Whole Foods stores.
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Jeff Bezos purchased the legacy publisher in 2013 for $250 million in cash. The Washington Post was previously owned by the Graham family until it was bought by Nash Holdings LLC, which is owned by Bezos.
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Bezos created and owns the space exploration and manufacturing company Blue Origin. In 2000, Bezos set out with a mission, similar to that of Amazon’s, to create a reliable and lower cost means to space travel. The spaceflight company is worth $161.7 billion, according to CNBC.
Shutterstock paid $970 million for the video game streaming platform in 2014. Twitch was enticed by Amazon’s existing connections in the media industry. This platform was the third video gaming purchase had made.
Zappos is an online shoe and clothing store based in Las Vegas. Created in 1999, Zappos, originally named Shoesite, was one of the first online retailers focusing on just shoes. A decade later, Amazon announced in July 2009 that they would acquire Zappos for $1.2 billion.
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Bezos personally invested $112 million into Airbnb in the company’s early stages.
The mogul was also an early investor in the ride sharing service app Uber. He invested $37 million of personal wealth into the company.
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The company is best known as the largest producer of audio books, but they also offer other spoken audio entertainment, including radio and TV programs. The company was founded in 1995 with a subscription-based model, requiring customers to buy their software. Amazon bought the company in March 2008 for $300 billion and now offers free weekly downloads to their Prime members.
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The Internet Movie Database, better known as IMDb, was launched 28 years ago as a site that offered information on film and television shows. Users could access cast information, plot summaries and reviews submitted by fans. Jeff Bezos bought the company outright for $55 million in 1998.
Bezos Expeditions is one of the many companies that has invested in the online newspaper Business Insider. In 2013, the investment firm offered $5 million to the publication, bringing its total funding up to $18.3 million.
Amazon purchased Kiva Systems, a robotic fulfillment system, and renamed it Amazon Robotics. The acquisition was made in March 2012 for $775 million and was Amazon’s second largest purchase.
Lookout is a mobile security company that expanded its reach through a $150 million investment. Bezos Expeditions was one of four new investors in the mobile security group in 2014.
14/15 invested $175 million in LivingSocial 2010. The site is a local online marketplace for users to buy and share activities with the people in their city.
Amazon acquired Goodreads for $15 million in March 2013. The company is a cataloging site that allows users to access a database of books, annotations and reviews. One of Amazon's e-reader products, the Kindle, integrated Goodreads into its interface.
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