That Had to Hurt

Hen drops a monster of an egg in Spotsylvania County

Looks like a Spotsylvania County chicken may have a plan for ending world hunger.

When gathering eggs from the hen house Tuesday night, Justin Carlisle found a whopper, reported. He's not sure which of his hens dropped the bombshell -- none of them was walking funny (at least not any funnier than usual) -- but he said he suspects it was one of his Buff Orpingtons rather than one of his Rhode Island Reds.

The tale of the tape has the egg weighing in at 3¼ oz. with a girth of 6 inches. The average jumbo egg weighs 2½ oz.

Carlisle's kids thought the huge egg was cool, according to, but his wife was disgusted and said there was no way she'd eat it.

Carlisle has no plans to eat it, either. He hopes to find someone who wants to preserve it and put it on display or he might give it to a 4-H group or the like.

Check it out for yourself.

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