Homicide Victim Was Strangled During Argument on Thanksgiving

A Virginia man killed on Thanksgiving was strangled during an argument, according to search warrant documents.

Leif Erick Ohlsson, 69, was killed in a Thanksgiving gathering gone wrong at a condominium on the 5500 block of Seminary Road in Falls Church.

Fredy Cisneros Agustin, 24, called police about 8:30 p.m. to report he was involved in a killing with other men, according to the search warrant. He said the group had been drinking when an argument broke out and Ohlsson was strangled.

Agustin and three other men stole the victim's Cadillac, luxury watches and artwork, according to the warrant.

Police arrested Agustin and two other suspects. They are looking for a fourth accomplice.

Agustin was charged with murder and burglary, and 31-year-old Gabriel Coca and 27-year-old Jose Nasario Perez Amaya were charged with burglary. Adonay Polanco Cabrera is wanted on burglary charges.

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