Terry McAuliffe Tries To Buy His Way Back

Creigh Deeds, prepare to be outspent! Still!

Aww, can you just hear the sobs of McLean, Va., right now, for its struggling bedroom commuter native son, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe? That hick with the nerd name, Creigh Deeds, has all of a sudden emerged from his hobbit hole deep beneath some deserted field in Bath County and stole'd the lead, McAuliffe's lead.

Does this madman Deeds have any idea how much McAuliffe paid for that lead, in cash and Bill Clinton appearances? Has he ever heard of "private property?" What's happened to McAuliffe in the last couple weeks is nothing more than highway train robbery.

The transaction had been going smoothly and then what, oh how about that, the dumb Washington Post had to go and endorse this... this FARMHAND, in effect giving the *perfectly* apathetic Virginia electorate -- just like McAuliffe wanted it -- actual "reasons" to vote for anyone.

HAS CREIGH DEEDS EVER BEEN ON MSNBC'S MORNING JOE, like TERRY MCAULIFFE HAS? No, he hasn't, so maybe he should polish up his morning cable news chatterbox credentials before presuming to win a governorship. AMATEURS!

But it's not over! McAuliffe still has loads of Wall Street soft money, much more than Deeds or that other guy, Moron, and he is planning a Blitz. A television commercial Blitz, the likes of which the Washington media market has never seen, or will ever see again. (Hopefully.)

Here's McAuliffe's latest ad, "Moon." It is devastating.

Whoa, who castrated Terry McAuliffe for this one? So authentic, this greaseball is. And doesn't that lazy, flat JFK-Moon line sound like something McAuliffe said to dodge a question at a recent debate? Uh huh.


Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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